Biking a part of our family life

One of the many great gifts my father gave me in life was biking. It’s not because we considered ourselves hardcore bikers, we mainly used the bike as way to get around in the city and to go for family trips together.

I think I have always owned a bike in my life. Not because it was green or it was the healthy living thing to do, it was just an easy and fun way to get around that made me happy. It still makes me happy and it is always great when we are together on a family outing.

I hope your family is enjoying biking as much as we do. Our community of parents has been wonderful to share their reviews about gear and bike trailer/bike seats. (Please notice that none of these posts are sponsored)


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Outdoor places in Toronto

I Love Toronto
Despite Toronto being the 5th largest city in North America it has plenty wonderful outdoor areas to explore for families and many hidden gems. They are just up to you to discover; you might even find your own special gem in the city. Exploring the city via bike makes touring even more special and many of the destinations we suggest are great places to bike to.


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Dress code Fall

No bad weather, only bad clothing..
By Kari Svenneby

Dressing for the weather is the key to enjoying the outdoors in all kinds of weather. Fall can still be warm and mild, but then it can also be rainy and windy days. It can be a challenge to dress because it's not really cold and it is not really hot. The layering system works well for fall, just wear fewer layers. It's the best way to keep children warm and dry.

The purpose of the inner layer is to keep you warm and keep moisture away from your body so you don’t get cold and wet. It also transports water vapor away from the body.

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Camp food fun for kids

girl by the lake We had a wonderful camping trip at Pukaskwa National Park. It was everything I was longing for. It got us lots of wilderness and some great hiking opportunities. Though I love to be outside in the city, I love to get outdoors in the wilderness. (I live in the fourth largest city in North America) Add a comment

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10 ways to play with snow

We celebrated Christmas in Florida and we were eager to get back to Toronto to play in the snow. We were disappointed when we discovered almost all the snow was gone when we arrived Toronto. On Saturday it was 14 C /57 F degrees and wonderful spring weather. We sure did enjoy the day but we are not really ready for spring yet. Hopefully we will get some snow soon as I have some wonderful snow play ideas.

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