Reflector hunt in the dark

reflectorhuntOne of the things that it seems to be a consensus on is that it can be hard to get outside this time of year. Not just because of the weather but also the dark days of winter. Wearing reflectors this time of year can prevent accidents for adults and kids. But, did you know reflectors could be fun too?


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Road tripping and camping as a family in Europe

roadtrippingThis past summer, my husband and I took our two young daughters on a month-long road trip around western Europe. It’s become our annual tradition since we moved to Italy four years ago, and as usual, we slept in the large popup tent we’ve affectionately dubbed our summer home. One night, however, after an especially long day of travel, we splurged on a hotel room. We didn’t feel like setting up camp, and the convenience of ready-made beds seemed worth the extra cost. Within a few minutes after checking in though, we realized it had been a mistake.


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Contest Outdoor Valentine link up

As a blogger I hope you will join us and share your ideas for outdoor fun in a Valentine’s spirit. Help inspire us to get more people outside or share some of your great ideas for outdoor adventures this winter.

To make it a little bit more fun during the link up: We will have prizes too.


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Photo Essay: Spring in Frogner Parken Oslo

frogner1Yesterday we explored urban nature in Oslo. We visited my sister and her family in Oslo. She lives 10 minutes from Frogner Parken or Vigeland's parken. It is an urban park with a garden, play grounds, an outdoor water park, a pond and sculptures by Gustav Vigeland.


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Maple Syrup places

sugar14If you live in the northeast part of Canada or Us, now is the time to visit a sugar shack. It is a short season, the season start from February to April.

Get out in country and enjoy nature, and learn about maple syrup it is both educational and fun!

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