’s top 10 #playoutdoors holiday gift ideas

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This post is inspired by a Twitter request from Carol Torgan. She requested we post about our top 10 playoutdoors gift ideas on Twitter. #playoutdoors is the hash tag we use when we post about outdoor living for kids and adults on Twitter. If you are on twitter check out the #playoutdoors hash tag.



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Cross Country skiing with children

By Russell Gienapp

While my daughter and I were out on her longest ski (5 km), I kept reminding myself to keep it fun. 
It started when the snow came down and we could hit the trails in Norway. I wanted my kid to go on longer trips, but knew that the hills would be a problem; both the ups and the downs. I came up with a simple harness that I am sure many would find humorous. A few inner tubes from some bicycle tires and I had a stretchy towrope that could help us put some miles on together. I had no idea on how successful it would be.

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Living on a houseboat

Nature is everywhere; you just have to embrace it

In our outdoor playgroup in Toronto, we explore urban nature. I was lucky to get to know Christie, and her two kids. Even though Christie lives in very urban Amsterdam, she probably lives more in touch with nature than most because she lives on a houseboat in the city. For me this illustrates how close nature can be wherever we are, even in a big urban environment.
This is the beauty with fresh air living. Nature is everywhere; you just have to embrace it.


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Go sugar bushing


Maple syrup
By Russell Gienapp
In the world of food items there are few things that are more taken for granted than maple syrup. How do you explain to a young child the concept of taking 40 bottles of the sap of a tree to get the one bottle of syrup sitting on the breakfast table?

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Plant seeds indoors

seeds3Are you a kitchen gardener, victory gardener, or maybe just like me, want to grow your own food, and gets excited
when you’re daughter at four says; “look it is coming spuds up, when is it time to pick them? “

New York, London, or out in the country, We all can grow something, and connect with the natural world. If you are an apartment dweller simply use containers to grow your vegetables Add a comment

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