Plant seeds indoors

seeds3Are you a kitchen gardener, victory gardener, or maybe just like me, want to grow your own food, and gets excited
when you’re daughter at four says; “look it is coming spuds up, when is it time to pick them? “

New York, London, or out in the country, We all can grow something, and connect with the natural world. If you are an apartment dweller simply use containers to grow your vegetables Add a comment

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Bug hunting

I love worm hunting!

By Andrea LeDuc

There’s nothing like having a wriggly worm in your hand. It totally takes me back to when I was a child. Is there a kid who doesn't like digging in the dirt and finding treasure? Well to a kid a worm or a pretty bug can be that treasure!



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Picking wild blueberries

There is nothing wrong with cultivated blueberries, but nothing beats the taste and color of blueberries picked wild in the bush. Living in colder climates has some benefits; we get to pick wild blueberries.

I still remember the days my parents took me blueberry picking as a child. Now I have come full circle and bring my children to Norway to the same low bush blueberries that I picked as a child. Just the other day on our vacation I was inspecting my 11-month-old daughter’s shirts as I half cringed, half celebrated the blueberry stains she made as she sat in the bush and picked berries and greedily stuffed them in her mouth.

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In rainy and balmy weather

You can stay inside, but why would you?
It is fun to be outside and feel you are part of the natural elements.
The same thing you do with a water table inside is what you can do in a puddle.
This is also a great way to learn about the rain, what happens when it rains? Children love it too.


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How to Host an Awesome Kids’ Hot Tub Party

My kids are entering their tweens this year, and I need fresh birthday party ideas. While looking through an outdoor living magazine, I saw an ad for hot tub rental. That’s an awesome kids’ party idea! My tweens will love the chance to enjoy a grown-up activity for a few hours, and I’ll earn cool mom points.

Here’s my plan for hosting a hot tub party for kids. Feel free to modify it to meet your family’s needs!

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