How to make videos for web, tips from a filmmaker

By Russell Gienapprussellfilm
Though I work with camera packages that are worth +$100,000, I try to use simple tools when I am doing videos for ActiveKidsClub . Iphones and simple handicams are more than powerful enough for memories and the web. But as you will learn, some of your biggest challenges have nothing to do with picture quality. Add a comment

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Outdoor photo hunt

By Planet Fassa
flowerfrontPlanet Fassa has many activities (we call them Nuggets!), all of which are tagged with heart, mind, & body points. Your child can track his or her points online, while earning nearly all of the points offline! Here is an example of one of our Nuggets:

Description: Go on an Outdoor Photo Hunt! Together, make a creative list of things to find outside and then search for them. Use your imagination!

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Travel letter from Norway

norwayfrontMy vacation to my home country turned out a little differently than I thought. As most of you know, Norway was hit by a national tragedy on Friday. Safe little Norway was the target of a terrorist filled with hate. Even though my family and friends were not personally hit, it did something to us and it feels like it is an attack on us personally.



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Outdoor Spaces in New York

newyorkfrontCreative Sitters Top 5 Kid-friendly Outdoor Spaces in New York
Close your eyes...Imagine the words: outdoor, play, & New York City
What comes to mind?  For many it’s taxis, skyscrapers and Central Park. It almost seems that us New Yorkers are against outdoor playtime and instead our focus is on academics! There is, however; an underground movement crying out for the need for outdoor spaces in New York.


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Family biking in the city

Elizabeth Nemethy
First of all let me say that this post is not meant to come across as a sanctimonious brag about how wonderful we are as a family that bikes. Sure, we are wonderful but we also have a lot of factors working in our favor that make getting around by bike an easy choice lots of the time. For example we live within a block of an excellent, flat bike path. I hate hills so I can guarantee that if our rides involved any kind of incline, I'd be a lot less inclined to bike. So while I'd encourage everyone to bike more and car less, I know it's not always easy. And before I polish my halo too brightly, I cannot begin to pretend that we are giving up our vehicle. We're not that hardcore! But we are trying to make a conscious choice bike as often as we can and for trips that we might not typically have thought of as bike trips (we biked to the movies the other day for example).

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