Norwegian Daycare… Project: Snow and water

Friluftsliv (frí-loofts-leev) is a big word and has many interpretations internationally and in Norway, but it always happens outside.


"Friluftsliv at the preschool level is about playing outside. Playing is learning for children. Through games they can process events, increase their social skills, gather new knowledge and discover life. With nature as their playground they will also notice that which they cannot change. The whistling wind, birds singing, the warmth of the sun, raindrops falling, frosty branches, slippery roads, and all the things that are there if you allow yourself to feel and look. Friluftsliv in preschool is full of surprises. As a teacher you always have a goal with your activities, but you have to be prepared for the possibility that anything can happen. You have to be able to change your plans." — Britta Brügge

Oslo, Norway — Update from my sister’s daycare. Translated from Frogner Daycare (Orion) Newsletter.

Evaluation: January

In January we started a project called “snow and water” which is a pretty big gathering of work and we are going to continue working with this theme in February. It all ties together with the hikes and outdoor activities we do at Orion. We are very happy with our results, as it has been very engaging for the kids.


We froze water outside and melted snow inside. The children were interested in observing how those processes worked and it was a fantastic experience for all the children to build ice castle and others constructions with ice blocks.

Our art activities with watercolors in the snow were also a success. In our art activities nature by inside we used paint and pastel chalks to make winter landscapes.


Friluftsliv at Preschool level By Britta Brügge

Children playing in the By Kaarby

Every week I want to share with you news from my sister’s and son’s experience at Frogner Daycare in Oslo. A very typical daycare located in urban Oslo that focuses on outdoor play and friluftsliv (Norwegian word for outdoor living).

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