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Resources Outdoor Play

General aspects with outdoor play

Academic Studies and Play on a Collision Course and Play is Losing : Study Shows Pressure on Children Leaves Less Time for Play. NEW YORK, Aug. 26, 1999 Kid source

Brody, Jane E . Babies Know: A Little Dirt Is Good for You(In New York Times January 26, 2009)

DeBord, Karen Et al (?) Making the most of outdoor time with Preschool children. North Carolina State University.

Dietze, Beverlie (2016) A Blog; The importance of increasing children's outdoor play opportunities (In Canadian Childcare Federation)

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Rivkin, Mary S. (2000-12-00) Outdoor experinces for young children. 2000-12-00 ERIC Digest.

Thernstrom,Melanie The anti-helicopter parents plea: Let kids play ! (In The New York Times Magazine October 19,2016)

Risk In Play,and why we need risk in play

A playground tumble can do you good (In Spike Wednesday 14 November 2007)

Gray, Peter (2014) Risky Play : Why children love it and need it

Guldberg, Helene Don't blame parents for 'cotton-wool kids' (In Spike Wednesday 6 August 2008)

National Children’s Bureau Play Safety Forum by Play England (2013). Managing risk in play provision: A Position Statement.

Sandseter,Ellen Beate Hansen (2007) Categorising risky play. In European Early Childhood Education

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What's wrong with America's Playgrounds and how to fix them: An interview with Frost. In American Journal of Play 2008

Chawla, Louise Learning to love the natural world, Enough to protect it .-  In Barn nr. 2 2006:57-78,ISSN 0800-1669 –Norsk senter for barneforskning. Norway

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Language academic

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Norquist, Tom. The importance of play 10/18/2005 IPEMA.

Rivkin, Mary (1995) Natural Learning : Guide your child’s curiosity outdoors and open up a love of science.

Obesity/physical development

Active Play experiences help young children develop physical literacy (2014 in Active For Life)

Back to nature and the emerging child saving movement : Restoring children's outdoor play (In C&NN Leadership writing series Volume one number 3)

Brown, Pei-San et al. Combating Childhood Obesity with Physical Play Opportunities. (In January 2014 In PTO Today

Canada’s report card on physical activity for children and youth- 2015 : The biggest risk is keeping kids outdoors.Active Healthy kids.

Gabriel,Danielle Douglas. Fighting childhood obesity, one playground at a time (In August 12.2015 Washington Post)

Naud, Rachel (October 01 2008) In Calgary Herald
Canadian report sounds alarm on kids

Fjørtoft, I. (2004) Landscape as playscape : learning effects from playing in a natural environment on motor development in children - Norway, Telemark University College

Physical Literacy - Active For Life

Thornton, Candra D Sutterby, John A. (May 10, 2006) Developing Balancing Skills on the Playground.- Today’s Playground

Smith, Nick (2010) Disappering outdoors : The changing nature of childhood play.- Dr Lason ENVR 395

Lawson, Willow (Mar/Apr 2004) ADHD's outdoor cure. Finding relief in wide open spaces : Playing outdoors may curb the disorder. In Psychology today

Lappin, Edward (April 20, 2000) Outdoor education for behavior disordered Students. In Kidsource online

Parker-Hope,Tara (October 17, 2008) In Study: Nature walks help kids concentrate. In New York Times, Well blog


Backyard Nature Fun from Go Explore Nature

Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids

Outdoor play ideas for small children : Play Outside !

Outdoor activites and play ideas for toddlers and preschoolers by Happy Hooligans

Outdoor play ideas from Active For Life

Simple Outdoor play (winter,spring,summer,fall) ideas from Active Kids Club

Play in nature ideas from Rain or Shine Mama

50 Simple Outdoor activites from Flash Cards

30 Classic Games for Simple Outdoor Play

60 nature play ideas from The Imagination Tree

Outside in nature- National Wildlife Federation

Season - All– NWF Green Hour

Outdoor : daycare, preschools, kindergartens, schools

Denyer, Lucy Outdoor Preschools Gain Notice in UK.In Sunday Times (April 26,2009)

Cedarsong Nature School (US )

Coleman, Lee. Waldorf School plans ‘forest kindergarten In the, March 28, 2009)

Lichtenstein, Tehilla(October 13, 2003) Outdoor play in Jordan and Norway. In Exchange Every Day.

Little Earth Montessor, New Zealand

Naturskolan in Lund(Nature school in Sweden)

Nature Preschools in Us

Forest Schools in Canada in Child & Nature Alliance

Gordon, Andrea ( 2013) Star Dispatches :

Why the modern classroom is moving outside

Sharing the Joy of learing in an outdoor class room


Insights from Norway

Outdoor Kindergarten

Norway the daycare generation but it is outdoors

Nature after school program

Norwegian Daycare (project snow and water)

Norway school : climbing trees


For more information about outdoor daycares in Norway search friluftsliv (outdoor life) barnehage (daycare)

Nature Play Film documentary about forest schools & education and friluftsliv from Norway, Sweden and Denmark

Outdoor Playgroups

Join the outdoor playgroup movement

Tips about how to organize an outdoor playgroup

Archived outdoor playgroup list (no loger active outdoor playgroup)

Friluftsliv (outdoor life)

Comparing friluftsliv to England

Gelter, Hans et al  (2000) Friluftsliv the Scandinavian philosophy way of outdoor life

Friluftsliv in Macs Adventure

Finding friluftsliv in Norway.

Friluftsliv in the Norwegian lower Secondary School

Website in English about articles about friluftsliv


Playgrounds and design

Adventure playground : a children’s world in the city
Information about adventure playgrounds.

Hart, Roger Containing children : some lessons on planning for play from New York City.Environment & Urbanization Vol 14 No 2 October 2002.

Natural playground

Raver, Anne (October 7, 1999) Tutored by the Great Outdoors at a Southern Pines Playground. In New York Times.

Playground design  blogs



Useful Websites

Active Healthy Kids Canada

Child & Nature Aliance

Children and Nature Network

The Free Play Network in UK aims to promote greater public understanding of the need for better play opportunities for children, by promoting discussion, exchange of information, and guidance on best practice in development of children's play opportunities . Nature Deficit Disorder
The Critical Role of Environmental Education for your Child’s Future


National Institute For Play

National Wildlife Federation
NWF inspires Americans to protect wildlife for children's future.

Let's Go Outside

NWF- Green Hour
To give parents and caregivers the information, tools, and inspiration to get their kids -- and themselves -- outside,


London Play
London Play was established in 1998 to promote play in London. The website offer information about play for children, and they also have a list of supervised playgrounds.

IPA, International Play Association
Promoting the Childs right to play

UNICEF-Child friendly Cities
The Child Friendly Cities Initiative (CFCI) was launched in 1996 to act on the resolution passed during the second UN Conference on Human Settlements (Habitat II) to make cities livable places for all; in UNICEF terms, for "children first." The Conference declared that the well-being of children is the ultimate indicator of a healthy habitat, a democratic society and of good governance.
The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child challenges cities to reflect on themselves, of the services, amenities and quality of life they provide, in a new way. Approaches and participatory urban management that promotes the realization of the rights of the youngest citizens.

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Outdoor Family adventure Blogs


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