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Heart hunt


Remember getting in some outdoor time doesn't have to be hard. Walking to school or to other activities also counts. Being visible this time of year is important for both kids and adults and can prevent accidents. So please wear a safety reflector heart and be safe on the road. Another fun idea is to have a heart hunt.


Yesterday, just before dinner around dusk time, we decided to have a heart hunt. A fun game that is perfect for getting in a Valentine spirit and a great activity for Valentine’s Day. An extra bonus is how pretty the hearts get when you shine a torch on them, especially around dusk time.


This is what you need:

Heart Reflectors (around 5)


Outdoor area


3 players

This is how you do it:

One player hides the heart reflectors in the outdoor area. The rest of the players look for the hearts. The player that hides the reflectors gives the other players hints by saying cold and warm.



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