Safety Reflectors

In the darker winter months can be an added challenge to getting kids and adults outdoors.

We think getting dressed for the weather and increasing your visibility is one of the most important steps anyone can take to enjoy being outside. Being seen as a cyclist, pedestrian or a child playing outside is the first step in preventing accidents. Reflector can make it much safer and help prevent accidents where kids and traffic meet. After all, every day is an outside day.Wearing reflectors this time of year can prevent accidents for adults and kids. But, did you know reflectors could be fun too? Have a reflector hunt in the dark.


Now go outside and play, be safe and wear a reflector

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4 $



Yellow Active Kid Reflector 4 $


Butterfly 4 $

Soccer ball 4 $


Heart 4 $


Purple Active Kid 4 $


Special offer Family Pack (10 reflectors and 2 stickers) 25 $ with shipping and taxes included

1 Heart

3 Butterflies

2 Soccer balls

1 Purple Active Kid Reflector

1 yellow Active Kid Reflector

1 Hockey player

1 Ballerina



Reflective Slap wrap
$ 8


Get 4 slap wraps for only 25$ Shipping and taxes are included is passionate about getting kids and adults outdoors, in their neighborhoods and in nature. We think being outdoors is a lifestyle we choose, every day, whether you live in an urban setting or country style. Biking, walking and playing in our communities and being connected to your neighborhoods are an important part of a healthy active lifestyle.
Read more about information about safety reflectors here :

We are excited to offer you’s safety reflectors. Forget about boring reflectors, we are releasing a fun European style reflector designed by Kari and the team.

Hang them from backpacks, jackets, bikes, dog collar, strollers, and handbags and stick them to helmets.

How can safety reflectors prevent accidents ? Click here