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Fairy House

Happy Spring everyone!
By Kari Svenneby 

It is finally officially spring here in the northern hemisphere. I have to admit, I feel winter cheated me a bit because Toronto hardly had any snow. Still, I’m happy spring has arrived. Spring flowers and buds on trees are coming and legend says with them our little fairy fiends. I know, beacuse my little girl keeps talking about them all the time. She is starting to plan her garden for the fairies. Legend says that if she builds a fairy house in the spring that fairies will come and live in it.


In our outdoor playgroup we had this as one of the activities for our kids. It was quite the project for little builders as they gathered all the needed materials from nature. Both boys and girls were eager to create fairy houses and agreed that fairies only like natural materials but to be careful to not disturb any living creatures. The boys decided it was for gnomes or maybe a mini troll. It is the perfect project to do as a group or alone with a parent.



 How to make fairy homes
All of Nature’s materials can be used to construct a fairy house. The only limits are if you don’t believe fairies are going to live there.  Use twigs, branches, leaves, rocks, feathers and shells. Flowers are always a homey addition for any house.

Start with going for a walk in your neighborhood or look in your backyard and gather natural materials. Let the kids decide what to collect.

Find a perfect spot for your house, by a tree trunk is a good place. When you have found the spot start building and create your masterpiece.

Our kids used different sticks to make their house, and then they finished off with shells.

Now we are checking every time we are by to see if the fairies have been there.

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