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5 Easter ideas

In Toronto, spring is finally in the air and I’m enjoying seeing spring flowers coming up from the ground. Here is how we like to connect with Easter and the outdoors:


Spring flowers: We enjoy buying spring flowers bulbs and to plant them in our containers on the front porch and watch them grow. A garden center and a nursery will have spring flowers close to you. We like to pick spring flowers from our garden and decorate our indoor space with fresh flowers.















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Force branches: Pick branches from your garden and put them in water and watch them grow. Forsythia, fruit branches, birch are our favorite.

Decorate eggs and have an Easter hunt.

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Have an Easter bunny hunt.

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Have an Easter picnic

Have a Easter picnic

As a family we love to ski this time of year with mild weather a ski trip can be magical. But this Easter we will enjoy urban nature in Toronto maybe with a treasure hunt to celebrate the arrival of spring.

Letterboxing and geocaching are fun treasure hunts to try for families using technology and navigation. Even the most avid technology using dad or teenager will enjoy your outdoor adventure.

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