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Make a birdhouse

There is definitely spring in the air in Toronto.Our new pets this winter has given us a lot of joy: cardinals, woodpeckers, blue jays, chickadees, morning doves and even a hawk has visited our small urban backyard. It is hard to believe that we live in the fifth largest city in North America when you look out our backyard windows. I’m so happy we finally found a birdfeeder that was squirrel proof and attracted so many different birds.

This spring, we will continue helping our friends by making a birdhouse. Hopefully it will entice one of our birds to nest in our backyard this spring.
You need
A birdhouse: Click on this link for a simple video that shows you how to make an easy birdhouse with one 6' 1”X6” cedar fence board (it last against the elements but isn’t toxic like pressure treated). You need to be a little handy or have a handy husband (-:
Buy a birdhouse kit from your local hardware store if you don’t want to make it from scratch (they seem to be a bit hard to find right now) or buy it online like here at Nextag
Non-toxic paint

This is how you do it:
If you choose to build it from the scratch, let your child draw some “concept designs” of the birdhouse before you start building it together.
Assemble the birdhouse together.
Let your child be creative and paint the birdhouse.
Find a tree in the backyard, or as some sites suggest, a pole to protect from predators.
Find out the preferred design and dimensions for the birds in your backyard

Make a bird nest
Another great activity for kids is to make nests for them with twigs and branches. I think this is a wonderful activity for an outdoor playgroup and I’m going to try this with my outdoor playgroup soon and see if any birds take it over this spring.
Check out  BackyardSafari For inspiration on how to make nests.

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