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Make Potions

Summer has finally arrived here in Toronto.  Suddenly we are in full summer, after a very cold and rainy spring. Needless to say we have been outside all weekend.  Living in a cold weather climate nothing gets us outside like warm weather, enjoying the outdoors, often without any agenda. I love to observe kids playing and thinking up their own activities and games, this weekend they decided to make potions. I love that they came up with this all by themselves, without any guidance from me, just plain childhood imagination.potionspotions4potions1potions3

You need




This is how you do it

Give the kids a jar with water, and let them pick flowers for potions from your garden. I love to watch the kids make their own discovery about using different petals and what smells the best.

When I first heard about making potions it was from this wonderful video made by Margarita Hughes and WildwoodMedia, get inspired to make some Petal Potions
Debi in Go Explore Nature shows you have to mix up a Fairy Potion

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