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Plant tomato plants in an upside down planter

Even though I have a backyard we still like to grow vegetables, herbs and potatoes in containers. It is nice to have edibles close by. Last year I bought two upside down planters to grow tomatoes, but never got a chance to get them started until this spring. So this year we decided to do it for a fun experiment for the family. My daughter thought it was a funny way for plants to grow.


This is what you need:
An upside down planter

Topsy Turvy Upside Down

Or make your own

A tomato plant

Potting mix

Small container


This is how you do it
Follow the instructions for the upside down planter. While you are doing it you can talk about how gravity and sunlight effect plants and ask how the kids think it will grow. Another fun activity to do is to measure the plants once a week and see how much it has grown and then graph it on paper. Little gardeners will also love to take photos of their plants and make a gallery of the process.

Have containers and are going away for a weekend?
Take plastic 2 liter pop bottles filled with water and stick them upside down in the soil of your container. Your plants will get the water they need for the few days you are away.


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