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Start your garden

Every year we have the same ritual in our house, when the signs of spring arrive we start with seeds indoors. It never stops to amaze me how much my little girl enjoys watching and look at it every day and comments on how much our seeds have grown. Starting indoors with seeds helps  you get a head start with the growing season and it is nice to see it growing in your windowsill.


You need:
Seeds (depends on what you want to grow and the growing season and where you live)

We have started peas, cucumber, sunflowers, nasturtiums, tomatoes and pumpkins.

Containers, you can reuse egg containers, empty toilet and towel rolls for seeding as well as peat pots or plastic tray you can buy from the nursery.

Use sterile soilless seeding mix you can get from the nursery or garden center

Trays and cover for germination or plastic wrap

Sticks for labeling of seedlings


This is how you do it:
Put your different containers on trays fill them with seeding mix. We used empty rolls of toilet/towel paper, peat pots and pellets. Click here for more info how to make a bottom on a roll of toilet/towel paper.

Moisten the soil with water

Use a pencil and put the seed in the soil, cover it lightly with soil

Label pots with type of seed.

Put plastic lid or plastic wrap on top of the pots and set in the windowsill. Put the tray with the seeds on top of the fridge if the seeds need darkness to germinate.

Have fun growing with you kids!

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