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Be Active With Your Kids on the Swing Set


Guest blog Jeff Snell
One of the most common complaints for parents is having less time to exercise. You know, swinging is not just fun for kids. Adults can make use of the swing set to work up quite a sweat while the kids are having fun. It's great to integrate everyone's needs into playtime activities.

Learn how to get exercise while your kids are swinging.

1. Get in your cardio first.

Swing with your kids. Swinging is great for your thighs!

Make a fun game by trying to stay in sync with your kids swinging. See if you can stay in sync with your child's swinging while doing jumping jacks at the same time. Count the jumping jacks along with each swing. You child will have fun watching you trying to keep up with them—and you can get in a great workout this way.

If they are an independent swinger, run laps around the swing set while they are swinging. Use a pedometer to see how much you are running and to give yourself some incentive.

2. It’s time to put some muscle into it.

Now that you've gotten your adrenaline going with your cardio workout, you can begin building your muscle.

Use the swing as a pull up bar to work out your upper arms. This is a hard one! You'll only need to do a few reps.

If your child still needs you to push, use them as a miniature weight. Do reps on each arm. See how many you can do and watch your arm muscles get firmer.

As your child swings away, do quick squats in between pushes on your arms. You can keep in time with this and get in arm and thigh workouts. See how many reps you can do.

3. Now, work those arms and legs, again.

Work your arms for a second time, as your child slides on the play set. As your child comes down the slide, catch them, and swoop he/she child up in the air. See how many times you can do this to get those arms and abs working. Make sure you watch your breathing with this exercise-breath is extremely important. Breathe in as you pick up, and breathe out as you set the child down for another round.

Run up and down the stairs of your play set with your child as you chase them during a rousing game of “monster.”

Remember: Don't forget to keep a large jug of water handy to keep yourself hydrated while you do this work out.

Hopefully, after you do all this playing and working out with your child, they will give you a few minutes to lie on the ground and do some crunches to make your workout complete.

Bio: Jeff Snell is the founder and president of Kid’s Creations. Kid’s Creations offers redwood swing sets and accessories that can be customized to your needs.

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