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Dress for spring

No bad weather, only bad clothing…

Do you wonder how to dress your kids for the seasons for warmth, comfort and an active life? Don’t worry, we have done the research for you. This is how we stay warm and dry in spring . Read our secrets

Dressing for the weather is the key to enjoying the outdoors in all kinds of weather. Spring can still be cold and windy, but then it can be rainy days or mild days.

 It can be a challenge to dress because it not really cold and it not really hot. The layering system works just as well for spring as it does for winter. If it starts getting warm take an inner layer off and inversely if it starts getting nippy, put an extra sweater on under their rain suit. 

Wear raingear on wet and rainy days and wear waterproof and windproof clothes on other days.

When it comes to raingear, choose raingear made of coated nylon (PU) and avoid PVC base materials. PVC is bad for the environment and it can be harmful for children to wear. Don’t settle on just a jacket, active children need rain pants as well to protect them from getting wet.I say if you invest in anything, you should get good quality splash pants.  With proper boots, rain pants and jacket no puddle stands a chance against your little one. The pants can be used when it is not raining, keeping kids clean and dry in the wet conditions of fall , spring and wet winter days.


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