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Easter egg hunt


Have an Easter egg hunt in your local park or in your backyard. Boil eggs and color them with different colors. You could also use plastic eggs and fill them with candy and hide the eggs out in a park or nearby field.
Make the challenge according to the age of the children participating.
If the children are different ages try color-coding the eggs so the older children know which colors to look for, leaving the easy ones for the smaller children. When all the eggs are collected it is time for prizes. In our outdoor playgroup everyone get a prize, but is up to you if you want to give a special prize to the kid who has collected the most eggs.

How to Organize an Egg hunt

Preparation before Egg hunt

1) Send out invitations either by e-vite or e-mail them tell them to bring their own empty Easter basket.

2)Two days before, hard boil eggs.

3)1 day before,have fun art project with your kids color Easter eggs together!

4) Buy prizes or make homemade Easter bread and Easter cookies.

Egg hunt

5) On the day hide the eggs, under branches make sure you do it age appropriate for all the children.

6) Blow the whistle,I-2-3 everyone run!

7) Give out prizes !

8) Have a picnic

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