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Treasure Hunt


Don’t you just love it when your kids show you how to play a game or do a new activity? My daughter did just that a few weeks ago, after reading and looking at a book called “Treasure Hunts” by Lenny Hort. She decided she was going to make her own treasure map.In this game she hides a treasure and draws a map. Then you follow her map and try to find it. I think this is a great game, it is not only outdoor fun, but also gets kids introduced to the basics of maps and navigation.

You need:

A pen

A paper

A treasure (s)

A tape measure and compass (optional) or have your child count the number of steps from one feature to the other.

A shovel for burying the treasure

This is how to do it:
One player hides the treasure and draws a map to show its location. We just used our small urban backyard. Have your child draw the basic shape of your backyard or garden and then narrow it down to more detail with symbols for trees and bushes or any other features of your play area. Draw a path with a mark for the beginning and an X on the map to show where the treasure has been hidden. You can add more excitement by hiding the treasure yourself, and teach the slightly older kids how to use a compass and measuring tape for a more challenging location. You can also change the play scenario by hiding the map. Tell your children a story about the map, give them a riddle or clue to the maps location and let a new adventure begin.

Are you going to play “Treasure Hunt” this spring?

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