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How to make your own soap bubbles solution

By Kari Svenneby














What a simple joy soap bubbles can be for children. It is so beautiful and joyful to see children’s fascination with chasing them and seeing them get excited over making something so perfect. (Such a beautiful color and shape.) Soap bubbles and soap films demonstrate mathematic symmetry and natural science and may be one of the world’s best and cheapest toys for children.

Sure you can just buy bubble solution in your local store, but why not make your own soup bubble juice? It is a fun experiment and the bubble solution is better then the ones you can buy. Now you can be a soap bubbles artist.

Last year we hosted a party were we had soap bubbles as an activity. My husband made the solution rather than using store bought. A couple of recipes were tried before we got the best results and my husband got a thrill out of bending different shapes out of metal clothes hangers and mixing the perfect soup bubble solution.

On our party day, both the kids and adults had so much fun, and we managed to make some giant soap bubbles. We felt like we were soap artist and kids from all over the park came to watch and participate.h Norwegian expert in bubble making, Birte Kittelsen, suggests you have a better chance making big bubbles early in the morning or after rainy weather, or when the air is humid. Also you have to keep the solution and the trays that hold the bubble juice clean as any dirt or fluff from the park will weaken you bubbles and they will break easily.

How to make tools for making big bubbles:

Use metal clothes hangers and bend them into different shapes like a star, heart and a giant circle. (You can ask the kids while you make the shapes what bubble shape would be made from bubble wand that is a shape other than round.) Wrap yarn or hemp cord around the metal shape so the solution can stick.
Recipe for good bubbles
(We could only find Ultra Dawn in the grocery stores in Toronto and used this formula to make 1.5 liters of bubble mix)
1 part Dawn or Joy Dishwashing detergent
10 parts water
.25 parts glycerin (available at pharmacies)

1 part Ultra Dawn or Ultra Joy (100 ml)
15 parts water (1.5 l)
.25 parts glycerin (25ml)
(We could only find Ultra Dawn in the grocery stores in Toronto and used this formula to make 1.5 liters of bubble mix)

Mix together and have fun!

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