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Go Play Outside Fortune teller

By Kari Svenneby
8 Backyard fun ideas


In today's post I'm introducing an old favorite childhood toy; the fortuneteller with a twist. Last year I really enjoyed my friend Jen's Kitchen Chronicle's idea I'm bored jar". She suggested a jar with different activities and suggestions in it to get kids up and doing something. With the end of the school year approaching us, I think it would be great to have a tool when that boredom moment hits our kids go give them a little help to get them outside to play. We have tested it this weekend and I can tell you it was a big hit in our house. Making an outdoor fortuneteller is a great activity for kids (Age 7 an up).

This is what you need




Pair of scissors

This is how you do it:
For instruction on how to fold a fortune teller click on this video link. Instead of vague answers of yes, no and maybe you can write down the outdoor play suggestions. Here are our suggestions, they have to have some challenges and you can do it right in your backyard, or in your local park.

1) Cartwheel or summersault


2) Throw a bucket of water

3) Make a fairy house/gnome house

4) Make a tent out of a blanket

5) Chalk tracing

6) Skip a rope

7) Bug hunt

8) Blow soap bubbles

How to play it:
Begin with the thumb and index fingers of each hand in the four pockets of the Fortune Teller.  Another player picks one of the colors on the top four flaps. If the color is pink, spell out the letters while alternating a pinching and pulling motion with the teller. Each pinch will expose four of the numbers on the inner flaps, and each pull will expose the other four numbers. After spelling out P-I-N-K the teller will be show one of the sets of four numbers. The other player will then pick one of those numbers, and the responding action is the alternating pinch and pull from the first round, except it continues with a counting of the number instead of the spelling of the color. Once the number has been counted, four numbers will be exposed. After one is picked, the go play activity under that number is read, all players have to do this activity.

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gardener, entrepreneur and speaker.

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