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Happy August - 10 simple ways to enjoy August

We have loved summer so far with a lot of simple backyard fun; we have been riding bikes and swimming in lake Ontario. Some days we even have been canoeing and stand-up paddle boarding on the lake. There is so much nature in the city of Toronto if you take the time to find it; it is great to live so close by a big a lake. We love to bike close to the water and even biked to Toronto Island (it is a 18 km round trip from the Beach).


Despite enjoying city life, my family and I truly enjoy spending time in the wilderness. So, for the next month we are traveling to Norway. (My native country) Five days is going to be spent in the city of Oslo, 10 days in Fredrikstad and 15 days at my old style backcountry cabin with no electricity and no running water close to the Swedish border. Here our days are spent hiking, swimming, blueberry picking, mushroom hunting and just really enjoying unplugging in the wilderness and being in touch with nature like my ancestors did before me.

I hope you are enjoying summer regardless if you are in the city or in the country.

Here are 10 simple outdoor fun ideas to do in August:

1. We are picking wild blueberries at my cabin but even if you live in the city you can pick them at a Farmers Market. Did you know David Suzuki thinks they should be Canada’s national plant ?


2. Make a Mud pie kitchen and make Mud pies / cakes.

3. Have lots of water play in your backyard


4. Make smore’s in your backyard

Cloth Line Fort

5. Make a clothesline ten or a fort in your backyard

6. Camp out in your backyard


7. Make an Inukshuk

8. Have a Lemonade stand

9. Wash your outdoor toys


10. Play in the summer rain

Happy Summer! We will take a break on our site and we will see you again in September.

You can follow our adventures in Norway on our facebook page and our Instagram.


Be Seen be safe wear safety reflectors. Safety Reflectors are Savvy Mom Approved


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