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Make a Fairy House this summer!!

By Mark Forman
Children, parents and grandparents, as well as gardeners and those who care for the environment can all have fun building fairy houses. Constructing these small habitats encourages generational bonding as well as a sense of achievement.

Tracy Kane, author and illustrator of the award-winning, critically acclaimed Fairy Houses Series says "My inspiration for the Series began while vacationing on a small island off the coast of Maine where I discovered my first fairy houses. I was intrigued by the whimsical structures near the footpath built from twigs, bark, leaves, stones, feathers, seashells, and other natural materials. Visiting families have apparently built fairy houses for decades on these islands."

Fairy House

What would happen if you built a house for fairies to live in? Would they come to visit?

This simple and unique idea sparks children's imaginations and captures their hearts. It encourages them to cherish and respect wildlife and their habitats. Fairy Houses can be built anywhere in a park, garden, woods and your own backyard. All it takes is a little imagination and a promise to only use natural materials. Fairies encourage everyone to respect nature.

Fairy Houses Guidelines
1. Fairy Houses should look so natural that they are almost hidden. A location close to the ground is best.

2. Use only natural materials. Dry grasses, leaves, sticks, pebbles and pinecones are just a few examples of materials to choose.

3. Be careful not to use or disturb any of nature's materials that are still living, especially flowers, ferns, mosses and lichen. Fairies do not like to disturb or destroy anything that is growing in nature.

Tracy Kane lives in New Hampshire and is the author of the Fairy Houses Series of books and video. The Series consists of three illustrated childrens picture books, two photographic books containing pictures of fairy houses, a DVD, and a new Fairy Houses mystery chapter book. The Series has received eleven prestigious awards. Fairy Houses, the first book in the series, includes instructions on how to create a fairy house along with fanciful illustrations of seasonal examples. For more information, visit

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