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Mud pie kitchen


Believe it or not we do have trends in the #playoutdoors movement, and mud and mud pie kitchens are very popular amongst other bloggers. For some time I have been secretly admiring and thinking about creating our own outdoor play kitchen. My kids love to make dirt soups and mud pies all year round.

My husband and I have been working on a tree house/playstructure all summer in our urban backyard (I will share more in the future, in the mean time you can follow the progress on our FB page)

Our playhouse is done, but not our play area.  For now I have created a mud pie kitchen by using stuff from a garage sale and an unused IKEA shelf.  Kids have been happily playing there already and we will continue to look for items to put in our mud pie kitchen.

This is what you need:

mudkitchen1Old kitchen utensils




Wax cloth

This is how you do it:
Go to a garage sale or a thrift store to look for old utensils, pots, and bowls for your outdoor kitchen. Find old shelves to use as storage for your kitchen or an old kids high table.  I used an old wax cloth to cover an unused IKEA shelf.   I still am looking for a small table; right now we are using an old rubber container for a table.  When the kids are playing I make sure they have access to water, ether by a hose or filling up a container with water.

It is really no rules for how you do your outdoor kitchen.

Be inspired by other outdoor kitchens and create your own mud pie kitchen:

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