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Nature Scavenger hunt and Nature bracelet

By Kari Svenneby
In our community we have many wonderful people and resources. Patty in Illinois is one of them. She runs Nature Play in Illinois, and also has her own blog. She is also very active in our facebook community. I feel so lucky to connect with so many wonderful parents with so many great ideas.

I just love these creative and simple nature ideas from Patty. I think they are great for hikes, camping and cottage trips this summer.

Have a Nature Scavenger hunt.


Print it out and take it with you out in nature and go for a scavenger hunt.  Scavenger hunt (75 download)

Make a Nature Bracelet

You need:

Duct tape


How to make a nature bracelet:

Take a strip of duct tape and wrap it around your wrist with the sticky side facing out.  Attach things you see along the way, but be sensitive of native flowers.

What kind of nature activities do you like to do in the summer?


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About the writer

Kari Svenneby is the founder of

Outdoor play advocate,nature lover, foodie, biker, skier,
gardener, entrepreneur and speaker.

She and have been featured for her work on getting kids and adults outside in many publications. The list includes the Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, National Wildlife Federation, Norwegian Public Radio, Backpacker Magazine, Kaboom, and as an early collaborator with Children and Nature Network.

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