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5 tips for summer outdoor fun

With the ever increasing amount of time kids spend watching TV and playing video games, parents can struggle to get their children active in the great outdoors. Here are 5 top tips for fun and free activities guaranteed to coax your little ones away from the screen and into the fresh air.



Get Messy

What child doesn't love making a mess? Digging for worms, making mud pies and water fights are active, fun filled and the messy element makes them that little bit more appealing! With some old clothes (and a guarantee that dirt won't make mom mad) they can be getting up to some good old fashioned childish fun in no time.

Get Competitive
The chance to beat friends and siblings in any sort of contest can be a great tool to boost your kids' activity levels. A soccer shoot out, timed jump rope challenges, an improvised obstacle course- these are easy to set up in even the smallest outdoor space, and provide a great outlet for healthy competition. Add a prize to seal the deal!

Get Creative
Make the great outdoors your child's canvas. Making giant pictures using nothing but what you find in the park or garden is creative, engaging and lets your little artists express themselves on a far larger scale than can be managed with pens, paper or a computer.

Get Cute
Spending time with animals can be a real treat, especially for kids without pets of their own. Offering to walk a neighbor's dog or paying a visit to a city farm provides enough cuteness to keep them happy for hours. If you are close to mountains or forests look for wildlife in their natural environment.

Get Risky
Don't let parental fear get in the way of their fun. Sure it can be tough to see them getting bumps and bruises, but a little bit of risk is a learning experience as well as making the activities extra enjoyable. Climbing trees, skateboarding and playing football might cause occasional accidents, but as the kids will tell you, it is worth it.




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