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Some fun gardening experiments for kids (big kids too)



My veggie patch this year

I hope you are growing edibles in your garden with your kiddies this summer. It is so much fun growing your own food for both the big and the small. And nothing taste better than what you have grown yourself. Even growing just some fresh herbs is rewarding.

Here are a few fun ideas for you and your kids to try out in your backyard.

Grow potatoes
Try to grow potatoes this summer, by purchasing seed certified seed potatoes from a nursery. Look closely at the seed potatos and you will see that the potatoes have eyes. Cut each eyes in chunks and see how many potato plants you will get. You should be using certified seed potatoes for planting according to the experts, but we tried with organic potatoes and it worked just fine in a container. Last year, my daughter had fun planting potatoes, watering and caring for the plants. Potatoes grow so fast; so it is very rewarding to watch them grow. The most fun was she was able to harvest potatoes. She pulled them up and counted 22 potatoes and washed and cook them for dinner. Let’s see how may potatoes we will harvest this year.


Carrots in a container

Grow pumpkins for Halloween
Last year I was amazed when we carved out our pumpkins and my daughter suggested we keep the seeds for next summer. Now we are growing pumpkins in our garden. And yes, we have already planted them in garden and have 4 pumpkin plants growing in a container in our backyard. Pumpkin are easy for kids to grow because of the big seeds. I hope we have stated a tradition in our family with growing our own pumpkins.

Plant some lettuce
Plant lettuce seeds in a container and see how fast they grow. Get the kids to measure the plants once a week to record how much they grow.

Do you have some more fun gardening ideas?


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