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Are you by the sea this summer? Catch some sand crabs

We love to be by the sea; with the smell of the salt water and to swim. It might surprise you, but thanks to the Gulf Stream, the ocean can get quite warm in Norway. If you go to the coast during the summer in Norway, you will notice that kids do not just love to swim and make sand castles there. You will see kids on docks, rocky outcrops and the beach catching sand crabs and proudly creating aquariums for their catch.
In Norway the sand crab is the masked crab If you live in by the Pacific Ocean it is different species and it is called mole crab.


This is what you need:
A string with a clothespin
Fresh mussels or a fish head


This is how you do it:
Find a live mussel by the sea and break it open with a rock. Fasten the mussel with a clothespin and slowly put the string down were the crabs are in the water. When you notice a crab is eating on the shell, slowly pull up the string and put the greedy little crab in a bucket of seawater and create an impromptu aquarium with seaweed and maybe other sea creatures. Make sure you are setting them free fairly soon.
If you live by the Pacific Ocean check out how you can catch a mole crab here.

Have you ever fished for sand crabs before? How did you do it?

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