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Beach Stone game

Last Wednesday in the outdoor playgroup at the Beach, Debra and her daughter shared a new beach game. This game was invented one day when they did not have any beach toys. Funny how boredom makes kids create cool new games.


We asked Debra about what you need for this game?

Beach stones



“You need to collect beach stones. We found that the flatter they are the easier they are to stack. Bigger is also better; so about the size of your palm. But the learning is in the experimenting about what works best”.

How do you play this game?


“First we did rock-paper-scissors to decide who goes first. Then that person places the stone in the middle. Then the next person places another stone on top and back and forth like that until all the stones fall over. Whoever makes the stones fall by placing the last stone loses and the other person gets to go first in the next round. “

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