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Make forts this summer

Kari Svenneby

One of my favorite summer memories happened in my backyard in rural Norway. We had a huge clothesline when, my "mamma " did not hang the laundry, it would become the favorite hangout place for the neighborhood kids. We would hang sheets from the clothesline and create wonderful tents perfect for dress up and tea parties.

I do not have the property my parents have and only have a small drying rack for my clothes. But after thinking about it for a while, you can make a fort out of anything and anywhere. Whether it is of improvised construction or if you are lucky to have a clothesline you have the best tent you can imagine.

This how you do it: Sheets and blankets
Couple of chairs, sticks, park bench, gardening fork or spade

Use a couple of chairs as a structure, put a fork in the middle and cover it with a blanket and put soft pillows and you have perfects hiding spot in your backyard. Depending how old your kids are let them create a perfect hiding spot. Be creative

One day at the beach our kids decided to create a fort out of blankets, park bench and a stroller.

If you are so lucky to have a clothesline, make a clothesline tent

Drape a sheet over a clothesline hangs down on each side. Use clothespins and pull it towards you. Secure the corners with heavy rocks. Volia you have clothesline tent.

Have you been creating forts this summer?

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