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4 Reasons to Get Outside This Summer

Reasons to Get Outside This Summer: Kayak!

You might not live near the ocean like us, but chances are you live near water of some sort. A foot or more of water is essentially all you need to kayak.  You need a kayak and paddle as well, of course.  We own our kayaks because we use them frequently, but if you want to kayak you can either find a place right on the water that rents them or you can rent them from an outdoor store and travel to where you'd like to go.  If you're kayaking with another person then I'd suggest separate kayaks, not a double kayak.

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Reasons to Get Outside This Summer: You've Never Grilled a Pizza

One of the best things I ever did was to start cooking pizza on the grill.  I don't remember where I first heard/saw the idea, but it's fabulous for many reasons:

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Reasons to Get Outside This Summer:Take Me Out to the Ball Game!
It's baseball season- get out there and see a game in person!  When you think about watching a baseball game you might think that it's not a very active thing to do.  I guess that depends on where you are going.  From my perspective you have to take your whole trip to the ball park into account.  We took our son to a Red Sox game recently and I'd say it was an active day, but we live in a city where you don't just park your car outside the stadium and walk inside.

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Reasons to Get Outside This Summer: Make a Music Video

I have HD video and iMovie right on my phone- this stuff has never been more accessible.  My kids love to use the camera and be in front of it.  A couple of months ago I decided I needed to brush up on my iMovie skills, so I toted my son and his friend outside, gave them a few simple instructions and let them run around.  They had a great time, even though it was really cold out, and I had footage to play with. Full disclosure: one day it was so cold that we bribed them with hot chocolate and Munchkins.

About Courtney :

Courtney lives in Weymouth, Massachusetts with her husband, Sean, and their 2 and 4 year old sons.  She runs a large playgroup which she often uses to encourage people to get outside with their children- especially in the winter.  She attributes her winter hardiness to her Norwegian roots and her childhood vacations spent on the ski slopes of Vermont. You can visit the playgroup through her Active Kids Club blog or here:

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