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Summer rain fun

Toronto has been very hot lately with very little rain. We love hot summer days but we do not mind the summer rain. Our garden needs it and we need it. Next time it rains take advantage of the weather and embrace it. (Of course not when there is lighting or severe weather)

Here is what we love to do in a summer rain.


Rain shower:
An old classic that always seems to be popular with the new generations. Put on your swimming suits and run out in the rain; the more rain the more fun it is. Make sure you have towels ready to dry your kids off.


Happiness is to have a snack on the front porch and look at the rain. I used to dream about front porches when I lived in Norway. I’m so happy to have one now and my favorite thing to do on it is to have a snack and watch the rain falling down with the kids.


After the rain, bike in the puddles:
Did you remember how fun it was to bike through a puddle as a kid?

Do not have rain?
Have a rain party. Bring out the umbrellas, garden hoses and water guns to have a water fight. Use the umbrellas as shields

What do you like to do in a summer rain?

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