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Three Easy Outdoor Activities

By Katie Elizabeth

Try out one of these three fun activities that will get their hearts pumping and show them the joy of being outdoors, rather than cooped up in the house. Your kids might even find new reasons to enjoy their afternoons or weekends outside.

1. Hide and Seek

Some activities never get old and hide-and-seek is one of them. It is an easy activity you can play indoors or outdoors, though outdoors makes it more challenging and fun for kids of this age group. It is an old game that continues to stick around generation after generation. Everyone in the group hides while one person is assigned to “seek.” The kid who the seeker finds first will be the seeker during the next round. This game is great to play with new friends from your kid’s prep school or the local neighborhood.

2. Wheelbarrow Race

Another physical activity kids can play outdoors is a classic wheelbarrow race. Divide the kids into pairs and create a start and finish line in your yard, park, or wherever else you will be playing the game. One kid will act as the wheelbarrow by walking on their hands with the other kid, the pusher, grabbing their legs. The wheelbarrow will go as fast as they can with their feet being pushed by the pusher. Whoever reaches the finish line first wins the game. This game is popular at public schools and day middle schools alike.

3. Gardening

If it’s a quiet Sunday morning and you have kids that enjoy being outdoors, gardening can be a nice, relaxing activity. It is less a game and more of an activity for kids who enjoy planting flowers. Let your kids choose what flowers they want to plant and have theme each choose a shaded spot in the flower bed. It is a great way to get them in the sunshine on the weekend, entertain them without spending a lot of money and teach them how to properly plant flowers.

While playing outside is great for kids of all ages, it is important to make sure you choose activities that are appropriate for their age group. If you are looking for something suitable for kids aged between six and ten, these games and activities are a perfect choice. Get them outside and having fun – they’ll build happy memories they’ll cherish for years.

By Katie Elizabeth
My name is Katie Elizabeth and I’m a content coordinator for several different companies. I currently live near the Pennsylvania state capitol and am also attending grad school in a communications program. Other passions include new music, concerts, road trips, reading, animals and volunteering.

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