Nordic skiing in the Beach

We have been blessed with snow in Toronto and we have been so lucky to be able to cross-country skiing in the city. I have written before how fun it is to go “urban bushing” as we like to call it.


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Camping Trips without the Stress

moonlight_homescreenCamping Trips without the Stress
Moonlight, a new mobile app, helps keep your trips organized
Going on an outdoor adventure with a tent full of happy kids can sometimes seem like an unreachable goal.
With all the moving parts, like grocery shopping, packing, meal planning and location reservations, camping trips can become a logistical nightmare. That’s why ACTIVE Network, LLC, a leader in innovative technology designed to facilitate active lifestyles created the Moonlight app.

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Algonquin and family camping tool kit

Algonquin, Our home away from home

Guest blog  Melodie Percy

Its' safe to say that when it comes to camping in Ontario, I'm completely biased. From the age of two my family, aunts, uncles and grandparents included, loaded up our cars and headed up to Algonquin Park. We did it a few times a year, even winter but my favourite time was always our end of summer trip during the last three weeks of August. The importance of connecting with nature and being in tune with the universal rhythm was instilled at a young age and has become part of who I am. Now as a mom of three myself, I share this with my own children.


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Camping in Ontario

Agawa Rock Pictographs
Last summer my family went camping in Northern Ontario to Pukaskwa National Park. It was a far away destination from Toronto; a 14 hour drive and that is only one way. We enjoyed the road trip through Ontario to Puskawa and especially the stop at Agawa Rock Pictographs, a half kilometer mini scenic hike. It was so neat to see pictographs up close.


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Outdoor places in Toronto

I Love Toronto
Despite Toronto being the 5th largest city in North America it has plenty wonderful outdoor areas to explore for families and many hidden gems. They are just up to you to discover; you might even find your own special gem in the city. Exploring the city via bike makes touring even more special and many of the destinations we suggest are great places to bike to.


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