Photo Essay: Spring in Frogner Parken Oslo

frogner1Yesterday we explored urban nature in Oslo. We visited my sister and her family in Oslo. She lives 10 minutes from Frogner Parken or Vigeland's parken. It is an urban park with a garden, play grounds, an outdoor water park, a pond and sculptures by Gustav Vigeland.


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Road tripping and camping as a family in Europe

roadtrippingThis past summer, my husband and I took our two young daughters on a month-long road trip around western Europe. It’s become our annual tradition since we moved to Italy four years ago, and as usual, we slept in the large popup tent we’ve affectionately dubbed our summer home. One night, however, after an especially long day of travel, we splurged on a hotel room. We didn’t feel like setting up camp, and the convenience of ready-made beds seemed worth the extra cost. Within a few minutes after checking in though, we realized it had been a mistake.


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Yours to Discover! by Bronwyn

We're from BC. We're ocean kayakers, rainforest hikers, mountain trekkers, and we know how to camp in the rain.

We moved to Ontario last February, and were horrified to see the summer nearly escape without a family wilderness adventure. Afraid of having our "outdoorsy" status revoked and of being demoted to "frauds with a basement full of gear," we scrambled to plan a trip for the last weekend in September.


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Outdoor Spaces in New York

newyorkfrontCreative Sitters Top 5 Kid-friendly Outdoor Spaces in New York
Close your eyes...Imagine the words: outdoor, play, & New York City
What comes to mind?  For many it’s taxis, skyscrapers and Central Park. It almost seems that us New Yorkers are against outdoor playtime and instead our focus is on academics! There is, however; an underground movement crying out for the need for outdoor spaces in New York.


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Travel letter from Norway

norwayfrontMy vacation to my home country turned out a little differently than I thought. As most of you know, Norway was hit by a national tragedy on Friday. Safe little Norway was the target of a terrorist filled with hate. Even though my family and friends were not personally hit, it did something to us and it feels like it is an attack on us personally.



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