Cottage Summer - Ontario style

leselyfrontHere in Ontario the picture perfect summer is spent at the cottage. They even have a place called “cottage country” here in Ontario. Nothing wrong with experiencing nature in the city, but experiencing nature in a more natural context is completely different.  I recently read my friend Lesley’s, (also a fellow mom in my neighborhood) story on Kitchen Counter Chronicles


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courtneyfrontBy Courtney
Weymouth is a coastal town on the south shore of Massachusetts.My husband and I have lived here for seven years and we live in a small Dutch Colonial style house on 1 acres- with our two young boys.Even though we don’t have much of a yard, we try to make the most of it with a raised bed garden, wooden swing set and by using our driveway, which extends into the backyard, as a safe place to ride bikes and scooters.Our property abuts an old school field (the school was converted to condos), so we go out there when we want more space to play soccer, etc.




Everyday life in Scotland

Do you live in an apartment or in a house with a backyard?

A small semi-detached house with a little backyard and small front garden. My garden is my experiment - what I can grow I know local schools will manage the same sort of plants.I have about 70 different native plants and herbs growing there.


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Everyday life Cape Town style

We live in a ‘cottage’ style house with a small backyard. There is a wonderful tree which has grown big enough for us to make use of it to the fullest – with rope ladders, rings, a trapeze and two ropes for climbing and swinging. My husband has also built a jungle gym structure out of fallen-off branches that we find on our walks. The girls are very creative in finding new ways of using the garden, whether it is new tricks on the ropes, making a house under the jungle gym or digging and mixing with sand and mud.


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Everyday life in Copenhagen

By Elena Bjerre Nielsen
copenhagen3It has been a while since we packed up and left the Beach,Toronto to return to Denmark. We had three wonderful years in the Beach and it wouldn't have been the same without you!

Now we are back in Copenhagen and pretty much back into the old routine of two full-time jobs, children in kindergarten and daycare and the logistics of everyday life.We both work in the city and have short commutes; 15-20 minutes bike rides door-to-door.


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