“ These days we are busy prepping for backcountry camping in Northern Norway.
It is going to be the most challenging  family trip we have ever done. We will be travel by train, by boat and we will be backcountry camping in Svartisen National Park. It doesn't matter what kind of camping you are doing, as you know that it is crucial to be prepared when you are camping.
I’m always looking for great camping resources “ Kari
This blog post was sponsored by Moonlight
Camping Trips without the Stress
Moonlight, a new mobile app, helps keep your trips organized.
Going on an outdoor adventure with a tent full of happy kids can sometimes seem like an unreachable goal. With all the moving parts, like grocery shopping, packing, meal planning and location reservations, camping trips can become a logistical nightmare. That’s why ACTIVE Network, LLC, a leader in innovative technology designed to facilitate active lifestyles created the Moonlight app.

Moonlight is your new pre-trip assistant, working to keep your planning in order and make sure everything is taken care of before you head out on your great adventure. Whether you’re planning on a weekend fishing trip or a week-long camping excursion, Moonlight has the tools you need to stay organized.
Moonlight’s social-based platform connects the members of your trip and provides you with valuable resources. The packing checklist feature allow you to export, share, and assign tasks to the other members of your trip, making sure that every item is accounted for. There’s nothing worse than showing up to the campsite without the tent poles! Moonlight’s comprehensive checklists let you delegate campsite tasks, shipping lists, and more; with Moonlight’s collaborative shopping lists, you can make sure that the grocery shopping is evenly divvyed up.
Moonlight makes sure nothing is forgotten, and that no one gets stuck with all the errands!
Because of the ACTIVE Network’s partnership with ReserveAmerica®, Moonlight has a feature that allows you to sync your reservation information with the app, with the option of sharing the details with the other people on your trip to make sure everyone shows up to the right place at the right time.
Moonlight is available for free from the App Store, and users can upgrade to the premium version for $5.99 annually to access extra features like a library of delicious campfire recipes, a resource for activities near your site and an ad-free app experience. Future versions of Moonlight will include even more great features, like insider secrets about your destination and geo-notification technology.
Your summer camping trip dreams can become realities! Happy trails.