Travel letter from Norway

By Kari Svenneby
My vacation to my home country turned out a little differently than I thought. As most of you know, Norway was hit by a national tragedy on Friday. Safe little Norway was the target of a terrorist filled with hate. Even though my family and friends were not personally hit, it did something to us and it feels like it is an attack on us personally.


When things like this happen it is easy to be angry and fearful. But, if after the grieving is over and you are left with fear, terrorist and criminals Iike him win.

The truth is that we can never be 100% safe in an open and free society. I will never surrender to the fear and hate in our life. Instead my trip to Norway will be a trip dedicated to the love of childhood, friendship and nature.

I urge you to go out there and be like a child and not be fearful for your surroundings.

Here are some photos from our trip from Norway, a celebration of nature and fearless childhood.


Yesterday by the beach, KULPE, Kambo south of Oslo.


We did swim to the island on the left side (KULPE, Kambo south of Oslo )


Every day we swim in the lake close to my parents house


We are picking blueberries every day


Some days we are picking chanterelles