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Ice Castle

While we are waiting for the light

It’s cold and freezing, maybe even borderline to be too cold to be outside. Some people take advantage of the cold, and make big beautiful ice hotels, I would love to stay one night in the Ice Hotel in Québec or in Sweden where I might get lucky enough to see the northern lights, but you have to pay a lot of money to stay there for a night. Ice hotels are an example of brilliant architecture and art that will melt away in the spring. Well a stay there might just be a dream for me, but it gave me some great inspiration to make a mini ice castle with my kids. It is a great way to utilize the freezing temperatures for making some ice art.

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Snow tag

If you are lucky enough to have snow where you live you have so many opportunities for fun outdoor play.

Now in the winter it is important to be in motion when you play outside, so you keep yourself and your kids warm. It is the winter that is our peak season here in There is so much to do; it is only our imagination that stops us.

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Beautiful Things I Saw Today

By Debra Scott

Today the weather was not what we thought.  We woke up this morning to snow and a very excited little person who wanted to make snow angels and came into my room squealing with delight "it's snowing momma, there is snow everywhere, it is FINALLY winter".

When we finally got outside at 10:00 am the snow had turned to rain, the ground had turned to slush and there were only faint remnants on the occasional patch of ground that we'd even had snow this morning.  My daughter was distraught.  Her visions of snow angels and sledding were melting faster than the snow had.

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Gearing up for winter : Cross Country skiing

It’s starting to get colder outside and I’m starting to get excited about winter soon arriving. I’m making sure we have everything we need to take full advantage of the snow when it arrives.  My family’s favorite activity in the winter is cross-country skiing. One of the great things about cross-country skiing is that you can do it everywhere, even in the city. One of the best ski trips we ever had was on the beltline (a trail made on an old railway track) in the middle of Toronto.

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How to dress for winter

No bad weather, only bad clothing
Dressing right for the weather is the key to enjoying outdoor adventures both for adults and children. For the active outdoor adult, it has long been the consensus that layering is the best system for comfort and warmth. With multiple layers you can adjust the combination to the weather and the level of exertion and changes in temperature.

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