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3 Fun Outdoor Activities for Older Kids

By David Reeves
Winter weather may seem unpredictable at times, but there is one thing that is almost always predictable about the winter months: your kids will get bored and they’ll stay inside too much. The cure for winter boredom and lazy habits is figuring out fun things to do outside. There may or may not be snow where you live, so what follows are activities you can do in winter even if you don’t have snow.

Capture the flag
The classic game of capture the flag can be exciting when you play it on a winter night and add campfires at either flag where players can warm their feet and hands. You can even use a glow-in-the-dark flag or safety reflectors and the kids will make childhood memories they’ll never forget.

Winter cycling
Riding a bike in winter can be a ton of fun. Kids in particular appreciate the thrills of riding on snowy roads or trails—snow mountain bikes with outsized tires make it possible to ride even when snow is deep or roads are iced over. Generally, you’ll want to ride “fat tire” mountain bikes during winter, because road bikes with skinny tires are unsafe if there’s snow and ice. As for the temperatures, dress for the cold weather using windproof gloves and headgear, such as a balaclava to cover the chin and throat, while leaving room for sunglasses and a helmet for protection.

There are few things more fun than playing football in the snow, and that’s true whether we’re talking North American football or soccer. Kids love the feeling of tumbling through the snow and knocking each other down while playing football. Be sure to have the kids wear several layers when the ground is hard. They can avoid bruises by wearing a layer of sweatpants or snow pants. Gloves and boots may make it harder to catch and throw, but most kids improvise and adjust the field size to make the games easier and more fun.

About the author:David Reeves is Marketing Manager of Playland Inc. in Carrollton, GA. Playland Inc., is a total solutions manufacturer and supplier to many industries, with its roots deep in the park and playground markets including churches, schools, and day care centers. It has developed into the only company in its field to offer direct to all of its customers, the ability to purch.


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