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Color a Snow Angel

We have been blessed with a little snow in Toronto this last week. We haven’t been getting great amount of accumulation, but I am keeping my fingers crossed for a white Christmas this year. Fresh powdery snow just begs to be turned into an army of snow angels. They are the sandcastles of winter that suddenly appear for such a fleeting time.

Kick up a snow angel, color it with food coloring and get into the holiday spirit.

This is how to do it:

You need

Fresh snow

A properly dressed body

Food coloring in a spray bottle

Start with making a snow angel. I assume you know how to make a snow angel but in case you need to be reminded: fall down on some freshly fallen snow, Spread your legs and arms, and move them up and down in a jumping jack movement. I-2-3 and carefully get your body up without disturbing your snow angel.

Start painting your snow angel with food coloring; we used red for the body, and orange for the wings. Whatever you fancy will work.

Be inspired by snow painting images from the Beach Club

Snow painting 1

Snow painting 2

Snow painting 3

Snow painting 4

Snow painting 5

Snow painting 6