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Let there be color

By Kari Svenneby

Food coloring can be uses for so many things; it is not just limited to decorating cakes, but also for some fun activities in the snow. Our kids and the adults love making snow art in the snow. It hardly cost anything and is so easy to do whereever you live you just need some snow. Both activities simulate grow and fine motor skills, imagination, science, and of course some exercise.

snow art

Snow art

Snow paint

You need

Snow on the ground

Food coloring

Spray bottles


Snow paint

Put food color in water and use spray and condiment bottles. When you are mixing it inside you can teach your children about colors. Teach them about the basic colors, and how you can mix colors and end up with a different color.
Snow art
Let you kids squeeze and make different shapes on a snow bank. Use them as paintbrush and see what you come up with! It is amazing to see how all kids of different ages like snow painting.

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