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Give a heart to the birds

It is a traditional belief or story that on Valentine’s Day the birds find their mates. They have to hook up early in the year to make sure the children will be strong before the fall arrives.

What better Valentine gift can we give our bird friends than to give them some extra energy this winter? Make some suet cakes for your birds. You will attract western bluebirds, chickadees, jays, towhees, warblers, woodpeckers and more to your backyard.

Not to mention you are decorating your garden for Valentine Day!


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You need:
Suet from your garden nursery or pet store. Make sure it is pure suet.

Your favorite birdseeds mix

A heart shaped cookie cutter


A big spoon

Baking sheet

Parchment paper


This is how you do it:
Soften the fat or suet at room temperature. Mix the seed into the suet and spoon in and press the mixture into a heart shape (or any shape you have) cookie cutter. We like to just use our hands.

Note: When half the mixture is pressed in, place a looped string with a toothpick tied to one side into the mixture with the loop hanging out of the top and the toothpick going across (inside the heart) to give it hanging strength.

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Place in freezer or outside.

When the suet molds are cooled, wrap each individually in plastic wrap and store in the freezer until needed.


Decorate with extra seeds.

Put them in the fridge or freeze the one you don’t use.

Please note when spring comes around (70°F) the suet will melt.

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