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Make a Valentine snow cave

This weekend Toronto has been a winter wonderland. Though I live in Canada, we have not been very lucky when it comes to fun winter weather. It was fantastic to have so much snow this weekend and watch people have so much fun skiing, skating, sledding and I even saw quite a few smiling faces shoveling driveways.


We tried to jam it all in on our perfect sunny snow-filled Saturday. In the morning we cross-country skied in the city, my oldest skated the afternoon away in the ice rink the community makes in a local park while the youngest and I made a snow cave or quinzhee, in our front garden. (Since Valentines is around the corner we decorated it with hearts)


Here is how to make your own quinzhee:

Find a place with a high pile of snow or pile your own while you are shoveling out your sidewalk.

Let the snow settle and harden to allow for digging out

Dig a tunnel into the snow and then hollow the snow out. You can push small sticks a foot or so long to into your snow pile to guide the digging out so you don’t collapse your quinzhee.

Now it is time to decorate the entrance with valentine snow hearts.


How to make snow hearts:

Mix red food coloring with water and have it standing by

Pack snow in heart shaped cookie cutters

Add your red food coloring to your snow packed cookie cutter heart like a snowcone.

Carefully remove your snow heart and decorate as you wish.

There are many ways to make a snow fort:Click here for more Snow forts

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