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Gearing up for winter : Cross Country skiing

It’s starting to get colder outside and I’m starting to get excited about winter soon arriving. I’m making sure we have everything we need to take full advantage of the snow when it arrives.  My family’s favorite activity in the winter is cross-country skiing. One of the great things about cross-country skiing is that you can do it everywhere, even in the city. One of the best ski trips we ever had was on the beltline (a trail made on an old railway track) in the middle of Toronto.

One of the advantages by owning your own equipment is that you can use it anywhere and any time there is a little bit of snow.

This year is special in my family we have little baby to include in our ski trip.


The best way to carry a baby when skiing is using a pulk. A pulk is ski sled made to carry kids when you are cross-country skiing.

You have different options. You can use a bike trailer that transfers into a pulk. The brand Chariot is well known.


X-skiworld has a good description on their site about the different pulks for carrying kids.

Buying Skies

If you are interested in buying skies, it is best to go to a store that has knowledge of skiing. You can get the right skis for your abilities and your skis fitted to you. How much you weigh and how tall you are, has an impact on what type of skis you should get. You can get skis in cross-country skiing resorts, ski specialty stores and in stores like Mountain Equipment Coop in Canada and REI in US.

What kind of skis to get depends on what kind of skier are you. Are you into classic or skating?  Maybe a combination of both? Are you going to ski backcountry or only groomed trails. Do you want waxless skis or the kind that needs wax?

Are you shaking your head right now? If you are I guess you did not know that you had so many choices? You probably will be OK with choosing combo equipment; boots and skies that can be used both in classic and skating skiing. You may also find that waxless skis are an acceptable compromise in loss of glide for ease of use.

Yes you do get better glide with wax, but if you are like me, a recreational skier who doesn’t want to be bothered with wax and different kinds of wax for different snow and temperature conditions, waxless may be for you.

We bought Rossignol Evo waxless skis and we are very happy with them.

For kids look for waxless skies and poles that reach their armpits when they are standing and boots that fit and are not too snug (cold feet) or to big (sore feet) if they are uncomfortable they won’t want to stay outside enjoying the day.

See you on the trail!

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