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10 Outdoor play ideas for winter

We have had a wonderful holiday in Florida; it is so strange that we have so many different climates on this big continent. Being able to pick your own oranges from a tree and then squeeze orange juice is such a cool thing to do for an outdoor kid from the North.

We are looking forward to going home and hope that the snow is waiting for us in Toronto.

Here are our outdoor play ideas for winter (with snow or without):

Without snow:

Leigh in Women in Biz Network making a fort out of sticks.

Make a fort out of sticks.

Have a reflector hunt in the dark

Play games: treasure hunts, geocaching, letterboxing, photo hunt scavenger hunt

Cold and no snow, make some ice art

With snow

Make a snow fort

Sand toys: Don’t put the sand toys that you used in the summer away for the winter. A bucket and shovel is as great of a toy in the winter as it is on the beach in the summer. You can use the snow the same way you use sand.

Snow angels: Of course this requires freshly fallen snow, but the best part is that you can make them anywhere. One day, my daughter and I made snow angels on every snow bank from our house to the park.

Snow tag: One of my favorite games that I played when I was little was to play tag in the snow in a big circle shape like a pizza. My father introduced this game to me when I was little. I remember we would play in our backyard, or even play it when we where stopping for rest on a road trip. It is a perfect way for little legs to burn off some energy.

Snow paint: Food coloring can be uses for so many things; it is not just limited to decorating cakes, but also for some fun activities in the snow. Our kids and the adults love making snow art in the snow.

Snowflakes are a marvel. Take a magnifying glass outside with you to observe their beauty. Are some larger than others?  Are they all different?  Can you find a matching pair?  Count how long it takes for one to melt on your finger, tongue, or nose. Encourage your budding scientist to observe and your artist to sketch the flakes.

Make a snowman or snow kids

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