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10 ways to play with snow

By Kari Svenneby
We celebrated Christmas in Florida and we were eager to get back to Toronto to play in the snow. We were disappointed when we discovered almost all the snow was gone when we arrived Toronto. On Saturday it was 14 C /57 F degrees and wonderful spring weather. We sure did enjoy the day but we are not really ready for spring yet. Hopefully we will get some snow soon as I have some wonderful snow play ideas.

Make a snow angel

Name those tracks

Go for a hike and look for tracks, follow them or try to name them. If you can’t identify them take a photo and when you get home you can look them up.

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Have an old fashioned snowball fight

Play with sand toys in the snow

Don’t put the sand toys that you used in the summer away for the winter. A bucket and shovel is as great of a toy in the winter as it is on the beach in the summer. You can use the snow the same way you use sand.

Use cookie cutters to make snow cakes

Make a snow fort

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Make snow savvy kids

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Use the snow as canvas and paint the snow with food coloring

Outdoor Playgroup The Beach Snow paint

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Play Snow tag

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An old classic that never fails to amaze new generations. You have many choices; remember that often the most simple is often the best choice.


Catch and observe some snowflakes
Snowflakes are a marvel. Take a magnifying glass outside to observe their beauty. Are some larger than others? Are they all different? Can you find a matching pair? Count how long it takes for one to melt on your finger, tongue, or nose. Encourage your budding scientist to observe and your artist to sketch the flakes.

Do you know what the science explanation of snowflakes? Read the basic facts

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Kari Svenneby is the founder and CEO of, a grass roots community helping connect children and adults to the outdoors by providing simple and creative ways to get outside through play, cooking and lifestyle. She is also an entrepreneur of her own line of European style Safety Reflectors.'s safety reflectors are distrubuted to stores in Toronto and sold online.
Kari is also an advocate and public speaker about outdoor play and has been mentioned in the Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Backpacker Magazine and many more for her work to get kids and adults outside.

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