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Outdoor Valentine ideas

Check out great outdoor Valentine ideas on our pinterest board

Add yours and win a family pack of safety reflectors and gift from Polarn O Pyret.

More Valentine ideas :

Make a heart for the birds

What better Valentine gift can we give our bird friends than to give them some extra energy this winter? Make some suet cake hearts.You will attract western bluebirds, chickadees, jays, towhees, warblers, woodpeckers and more to your backyard.

Lucky to have snow ?

Make snow hearts out of cookie cutters

Wear a safety heart

Remember getting some outdoor time doesn't have to be hard. Walking to school and to activities also counts. Being visible this time of year is important for both kids and adult and can prevent accidents. So please wear a safety reflector heart and be safe on the road. On Valentine's Day have a heart reflector hunt.

Happy Valentine's Day !



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