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Reflector hunt in the dark


One of the things that it seems to be a consensus on is that it can be hard to get outside this time of year. Not just because of the weather but also the dark days of winter. Wearing reflectors this time of year can prevent accidents for adults and kids. But, did you know reflectors could be fun too?

Juliet Robertson, an outdoor learning consultant from Scotland and one of my blogger friends, gave me the idea for this fun game. “Reflectors are great for hiding around an outdoor space in the dark for children to hunt with torches (flashlights)” This reflector hunt is quite a normal game in Scandinavian daycares and schools and often done together to teach kids about being safe in traffic and to wear reflectors. Each kid has a torch and hunts for reflectors.


Another variant is a hide and seek with reflectors

This is what you need:



Outdoor area


5 players

This is how you do it:

The players hide in an outdoor area under bushes or trees, etc. One player looks for the other players with a flashlight.

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