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Simple fun - Caroling

This Saturday my daughter had a sleepover birthday party. I’m happy to say I survived having four giggly 8 year-old girls over for a sleepover.


We started with a massive cookie baking session that everyone enjoyed while making her own loot bag. (With an added safety reflector of course) Our second big activity was thanks to a good friend who organizes a caroling tour in the neighborhood every year. Since we were lucky that this year my daughter’s birthday party happened to be on the same day, we came along and caroled as a party activity. The kids loved it.


This is how you can do this in your community.

My friend sends out invitations but you can also just decide to go with a friend with some kids a day without that much planning.

Dress warm

Have a songbook with carols

Dress festive and with Santa hats

If you have some instruments bring them along

Be visible wear safety reflectors

Have a fun caroling!


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